• Battery System Tester with built-in Printer,

• Now with Quick Battery Test function and the ability to test Northstar® AGM batteries

• Save time that technicians typically waste when selecting the same entries into the tester; test parameter defaults are as follows:

– Battery Location: In Vehicle

– Post Location: Top Post

– Application: Automotive

– Battery Chemistry: Flooded

– Battery Temperature: Above 70 °F

– Battery Rating: CCA

– Customize for the needs of the shop

• Northstar® batteries are used in some OEM mid-level luxury autos, light trucks as well as some fleet trucks; the EECS750 will not test these batteries, the EECS750A will

• Superior accuracy with CCA required input and patented conductance technology for rendering battery, starter and charging system status

• Test 6, 8 and 12 V batteries (from 100–2,000 CCA) as well as automotive, powersport, marine and Group 31, 4D, 8D batteries (HD packs), regular, AGM, GEL, Enhanced EFB and Northstar® AGM

• Select from (8) languages for on-screen commands and reports from the built-in printer

• Test results viewable via real-time graphs on the full color 3-1/2″ screen

• 10′ long-reach cables with top or bottom orientation

• Customize printouts with personalized shop information

• USB port for software upgrades and data transfer

• Comfortable horizontal handhold position, soft grips and easy to access buttons

• CCA and temperature inputs aid in superior accuracy for consistent results

• Advanced system test including diode ripple

• Bad cell detection

• Group 31 battery pack testing (up to 6)

• Menu driven user interface

• Convenient retractable underhood hanger

• Technical Support: 800-388-6453