Lemania Energy introduce you to a Swiss made batteryless jump start pack. It requires no maintenance and can last a lifetime, as there is no battery to constantly keep charged. Using specially designed Ultra capacitors made especially for jump starting applications

Three methods to charge the Ultra Capacitors

  • Via the Supplied Fully Automatic Charger (will fully charge. If unit is at 0 volts the recharge process should be around 7 hours, if unit already has some voltage it will be quicker.
  • Via clamps directly to a Battery. (it will only charge up to whatever voltage the battery has and will then use that power to multiply when starting engine) about 3-5 min recharge time.
  • Via clamps on a running engine.

Featuring a shock resistant ABS case, built in safety fuse and ON/OFF switch. Being able to operate in temperatures of -40°C and up to +50°C

  • Max Crank Cap: 3200 AMP
  • Body weight: 7 kg.
  • S. circuit current: 1660 AMP
  • Charging Voltage: DC 12 & 220 V
  • Charge battery : 10 sec. To 2 minutes
  • Charging time with charger: 5 hours on 220V

With a power output of 3200 Amps at peak and starting current of 1200 Amps, this jump pack is great for smaller 12V engine cars up to 2L.