With all the power-drawing accessories on late model vehicles, like heated seats and DVD players, todays batteries have more demand on them then ever before. Snap-on new Battery Charger Plus will charge today’s batteries properly, plus it has a flash reprogramming mode.

ADAPTIVE: Standard automotive, deep-cycle, AGM and Gel Cell batteries each require a different charging cycle.
VERSATILE: Charges 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries with 4, 15 and 60 amp charging rates.
CONVENIENT: GFCI outlets for auxiliary power to lights and other accessories. Handy storage compartment for optional battery hand tools.
SMART: Fully automatic operation. The microprocessor controlled algorithms optimize the charge cycle without overcharging.
POWERFUL: 300 amp engine starting power.
HI-TECH: Exclusive flash reprogramming power supply maintains consistent OEM specified voltage up to 60 amps.
INFORMATIVE: Digital display: voltage, % of charge and alternator % of performance.
PROFESSIONAL: Rugged streamlined design. Higher working height handle helps relieve stress on the lower back.
SERVICEABLE: Negative and positive leads can be replaced in the field.
DURABLE: Dual fans keep transformer cool. Tough Tires with C-Clip retention roll easily.